How to excite a man with your hands: the most sensitive points of the male body, secret techniques

Any healthy man becomes aroused several times faster than a woman. For most, a quick glance at a naked body is enough to achieve an erection and subsequent sexual intercourse. Others need reinforcement in the form of tactile stimulation: these are people with a kinesthetic type of perception of information from the outside. They need to touch everything, feel it physically so they can process it with their brain and accept it. If your partner loves touch and is very excited about it, then he belongs to this group. Of course, guys with a higher tactile need will not refuse the sight of a beautiful girl, but your arsenal should include stimulation techniques with hands and other parts of the body!

It is a mistaken belief that only the female half needs foreplay. Men also love affection and do not mind prolonging the pleasure they receive to relax physically and psychologically. And in a strong torso there are no fewer erogenous points than those of a beautiful maiden. For a quality erotic session you will need knowledge about sensitive areas, so let's enrich our equipment together with seduction techniques. Today we will learn how to excite a man with our hands and how to press all the "red buttons"!

excited man and woman

Erogenous points in men, caress them correctly

Erogenous zones are those areas of the skin most sensitive to touch and influence. Their caresses help increase arousal and erection. Over time, you will learn to identify not only the general male erogenous zones, but also the individual ones of each man, giving you power over the stronger sex. A man simply goes crazy when a girl caresses him as if she is reading his most intimate thoughts at that moment! Let's move on to the practical exercises.

head and face

You should not think that all sensitive areas are concentrated in the penis and scrotum area. Most men enjoy running women's hands through their hair. No less pleasant is the tenderness of touching your cheeks, eyebrows and chin with the back of your hand. He strokes his hair with his fingers spread wide so that the hair falls between them and runs the ends over his face. You can complement the action with soft kisses on the earlobe. What excites me the most is not the touch of lips, but the warm breath, which is perceived very acutely.


This part of the body in men is ideal for arousing passion with your hands. The most susceptible area is the strip of skin from the earlobes to the middle of the shoulder. Move your fingertips up and down and continue with kisses. You can use tongue caresses if your partner responds positively to such stimuli.

The line from the beginning of hair growth to the interscapular area is the clue. Hot trips start from here, indicating that the lady will soon come down and there will be a "reward". . . Gently walk over it with the edge of your palm or fingers. Chances are she'll get goosebumps all over her body. Repeat.


On the back, in order to properly excite a man with your hands, it is necessary to touch several points:

  • between the shoulder blades
  • above the shoulder blades, closer to the shoulder region,
  • 3-5 cm below the interscapular area,
  • on both sides of the coccyx + the coccyx itself.

These "accumulators" of lust can be caressed with your fingertips, with your hair, and some girls know how to effectively influence them with their breasts. Men get very excited by the touch of women's nipples on their backs.

For many men, hugging from behind is an incredibly attractive gesture, especially when it involves a completely naked female body.

If everything is fine with the vegetation in your intimate area, you can use a completely shameless provocation: caress the sacral back (tailbone area) with your pussy. Just keep in mind that in a few seconds the guy will not be able to restrain his desires, so the seduction with secret techniques will end there. Your only option is to tie him up or handcuff him.

By the way, an immobilized and blindfolded partner concentrates more on tactile stimuli and therefore experiences more acute sensations. Take note of this idea!


On the front of the body, the most sensual points that respond instantly to caresses are the nipples and the hairy part of the abdomen, leading to the peak of masculine greatness. Keep in mind that men have slightly different nipple sensitivity than girls, so you should not pull on them with the same intensity. There are individuals for whom such incentives will be unpleasant, so, dear tigresses and panthers, we purr and listen to the desires of our seduced object. Many people like it when a girl runs her palms over her chest and stomach, while she is sitting on top of her.

Shoulders and arms

The shoulders themselves are not an erogenous zone, but a light massage of the central part will help ensure a smooth transition from one part of the body to another. The hands, on the other hand, have several very sensitive points.

  • The outside of the elbow, or rather the inner fold of the arm, is a place most susceptible to light touches. More brutal tactics remain unanswered. You can move from this place to the wrist with your fingertips back and forth.
  • The area between the middle and ring fingers. Many guys react to touching her by associating it with caressing the penis.
  • The inside of the palm and fingertips are also very sensitive to gentle touches from hands, lips, and warm breath.
massage men to stimulate


Did you still think that a man's legs do not participate in arousal and are only necessary as support during sexual relations? You were very wrong! It turns out that the feet are a real erogenous crater! Kneading the fingers, gently stroking the heels and insteps put its owner in a very good mood.

The hollow below the knee is another erogenous zone to excite a man with your hands. Caresses, light touches and pressure wildly excite boys.

The junction of the torso and thighs is full of nerve endings, which allows this area of the male body to be classified as highly erogenous. Stroking your hip bones with your fingers can make a guy shiver with pleasure.

anal hole

Many men do not let a woman enter this area at gunpoint because they are embarrassed or afraid to create the image of a person focused on her own kind. And nature created it very erogenous! Caressing the anus inside and out excites any male. The main thing is to relax. Gently stroking the anal ring with your fingertips puts the guy in the right mood. If you wish, you can put your fingers in his ass and feel the most sensitive points there with the maximum response to passionate calls. We already wrote how to do this in an article on how to persuade her husband to have sex with a strap-on – read on.

Cock and scrotum

And the main course is, of course, manhood! Caressing the testicles with your hands (pulling, squeezing, touching), masturbating the penis, and touching the skin in the area between the anus and genitals can lead to abundant ejaculation. It all depends on your skills.

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How to properly caress a penis with your hands to excite a guy

To properly arouse a man with your hands, you need to know how to handle his penis. Some girls are sure that shaking up and down and sanding the foreskin is enough to get lovely sensations. They are very wrong. It is necessary to know how to handle the penis and with no less care than a woman's vagina.

Correct grip

There are several basic ways to grab a penis.

  • The traditional option is a fist grip, in which the movements may be translational "up and down", or may involve spiral rotation.
  • We press the head from above with the thumb, and the rest is located below.
  • It is necessary to make a small ring (OK sign) with the thumb and index finger, connecting them and opening the fist (see photo below).
  • If you lubricate your hands with lubricant first, it will be easy to excite a man. The fist in reverse position (you have to see the back of the hand and the thumb pointing towards the woman) should move as if it were crushing the penis.

Caresses with fingers and hands.

To improve the sensations of a partner, a woman needs to take care of the warmth of her hands in advance. By using any technique to grab the penis and stimulating a man with warm hands, she can quickly reach orgasm. But you should not overheat the scrotum. This has nothing good for men's health.

Some representatives of the stronger sex like it when a woman caresses her shaft with the phalanges of her fingers. It is best to do this by imagining that you are playing the guitar, so as not to visually scare your partner with wide movements.

A man has a special sensation when two women's hands caress his penis at the same time. We place the dignity between the palms without bending the fingers. We move up and down slowly and gently, touching the head with the thumb of one hand and making circular movements.

If your partner has a large amount of foreskin, shake it in another way: you do not need to go to the base, on the contrary, perform compression manipulations towards the head. Under the skin, the main erogenous zone is caressed: the head of the penis, and because the caresses are done indirectly, there is no risk of erasing it. Men with such a structure come out brilliant from such techniques!

It is important not to forget to caress the testicles. The effect of simple massage movements will not only provide arousal, but also bring health: you can avoid potency problems in adulthood by regularly stroking and massaging the testicles. Take them in your hands, hold them, squeeze them, pull them a little to the side or down (a little! This is not a wrist expander! ), then start massaging the base of the penis in a circular motion and casually touch the testicles.

An unusual stroking with the nail plate, which should be passed along the shaft and scrotum, will add piquancy and enhance the effect of the whole process.

Once the man is very excited, you can move on to more daring experiments. To continue, the girl needs to rub her lips against her partner's penis and make sliding movements without penetrating the vagina.

Combining the proposed techniques with a high-quality blowjob will help surprise your man and bring him to ecstasy in a matter of minutes! In fact, there are no strict rules on how to properly arouse a man with your hands. To achieve harmony, examine his body inch by inch and monitor his reaction.

how to turn a man on with your hand

Some tips on massage techniques.

We told you how to prepare a man for sexual relations and excite him as much as possible, but you want to make a distinctive feature so that he is completely and irrevocably hooked. Let's try to overcome potential rivals and find that anchor on which we will put it like a drug!

  • Always soften your hands with oil or cream to ensure smooth movements. Sliding turns men on.
  • Apply light pressure, stroking, pinching to the muscles and be sure to pause for a few seconds. This greatly inflames passions.
  • Always start your journey from the upper body and gradually work your way down. It is not necessary to go directly to the genitals.
  • Moving on to the perineum, play with the clothes or a stretched towel after the shower to create even more arousal. Place your hands in your unbuttoned pants or under a towel, massage your private parts and whisper in his ear how much he turns you on.
  • You can maintain an authoritative tone and order him what he will do the next minute. Even strong men get excited when a girl takes the initiative into her own hands.
  • Combine caresses with each other. Let the exciting hand massage turn into a wild orgy, when the young man no longer understands where her body is and where her penis is. A wave of voluptuousness should cover you!
  • Use your chest. You can caress the penis with both palms and rest the head against the nipples. Men love touching their breasts with an erect penis!

And the main advice is to always use the complicated Thai technique. When you've reached the main point, select another very sensitive area and caress it at the same time. This could be a member-anus, a member-lower back, a member-buttocks, etc. You yourself will notice what a man responds most to. When finished, move to another secondary area and caress discreetly for another 20-30 seconds, as if calming your partner. It should not be the most sensitive to avoid irritation. Repeat this over and over; It will become his trick.

To excite a man with your hands and bring him to orgasm, it is not necessary to wait for suggestions or requests from him. As a rule, representatives of the stronger sex are not averse to giving the initiative in bed to their partner, counting on his playful mood and passionate temperament. Surprise and spontaneity are excellent conditions for bold experiments and 100% male excitement.

Our dear readers! We always welcome your comments and stories of personal experiences. Share your impressions. Suggest topics you would like to discuss. We are open to communication and will be happy to support his suggestions!