Instructions for use Amarok

To Amarok the simple statement – how to use capsules, it will give an account of themselves without doctor and, more importantly, the health risks are not. The application may be regular or punctual (if necessary).

Outline of the technique Amarok

The instruction for the reception of Amarok

The key to success in the treatment of – regularity. Main recommendations:

  • take a capsule only in a good health;
  • do not exceed the dosage;
  • take the tool water.

The average duration of treatment is 2 months, you can repeat the course after the break. With the constant use of the capsules for the achievement of the pollutants long the results should drink three times a day.

Indications and contraindications

Capsules for the promotion of the male sexual function help you if you have problems with impotence, they can be used for prophylactic purposes. Given that the composition is totally natural, without contraindications, but it has to follow individual reactions to rule out the possibility of intolerance. For delivery in italy complete the form.